A Shadow Over Arkham

Episode 5
This log was lost to time and space and only recently recovered!

GM: Arriving back at the supposedly haunted house on a hill, the trio were quick to discover a dusty, off-white Rolls Royce sitting in the driveway. Emily, naturally, assumed chicanery had been afoot but as they approached, they found that her driver was dead inside the car, with blood covering the interior, long burnt-out cigarette still within his pale grasp. A cursory examination of the body caused Margaret to discover that the man’s heart had been eaten straight from his chest, and not (it appeared) by any artifice of man. Emily, understandably, had a bit of a problem with this discovery.

Jeremiah: “We should look to see if there is any trace of the attacker. Whatever it may be.”

Margaret: “I don’t see how it could’ve gotten away cleanly…after what it did here.”

GM: The driveway is consisted of gravel, it would be difficult to note any real clues of the attackers.

Emily: “We should have the police bring a game warden as well, I think…”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah nods. " I think they would have to be a very skilled tracker to find anything though." Jeremiah begins to look around for any clues such as drops of blood.

Emily: Emily shivers, stepping away from the car. “I should… go get them, I think. If you want to wait here and look around… maybe stop whatever… did this to James from coming back and, I don’t… eating the rest of the body… that might be a good idea.” She glances at her red mercedes. “But I think it would be safer for you if you came with.”

Margaret: “I don’t think this was the work of an animal. At least, I am unaware of any animal that attacks…in that way. We need to consider the idea that it isn’t an animal at all, and that it may not have gone far.”

GM: There is plenty of drops of blood, primarily on the interior; closer examination of the car reveals splatters on the outside of the windshield and the hood of the car, but there is nothing so much as a trail to follow.

Jeremiah: “I think it’s time to consider the possibility that there is something supernatural in that house. And that it may have been the cause of this… I’ve seen enough to be convinced that there is more to this than meets the eye at least.”

Margaret: “I agree. And if that’s the case, the police can’t help us. We should continue to investigate this ourselves.”

Emily: Emily steadies herself against the hood of her car, watching the others, her gaze carefully avoiding the royce. “If a… a goblin or a ghost or something did this to James, I’d certainly still have the police here with us. And goblin or no, there is… there is still a… body here. We should have the police here for that, if nothing else.”

Margaret: “Do you think the police will even take what you tell them seriously? Its hardly believable. You’re welcome to try. I don’t expect they’ll come.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah nodded in agreement. “No, I don’t think they would believe you. If anything, they’d send a nice padded wagon to wait for you at home. We need to figure out what is happening here ourselves. We have to go back into the house.”

Emily: Emily pauses for a moment, blinking. “Th… there is a murdered man in the driveway of a house. What… what is hard to believe?”

Margaret: " As I said: you are welcome to go. I prefer to stay and do what we promised to do. We can contact the poilce later."

Emily: “Alright.” Emily says, opening the door of the benz and settling in. “I’ll tell them to expect you here. We should be back in an hour or two.” She glances up at the pair. “…Be careful, please?”

Margaret: Margaret watches Emily get into her car. “Good luck with the police”, she says. She turns to Jeremiah. “I suppose the only thing to do is to go inside.”

Emily: The red mercedes roars for a moment, pulling backwards out of the driveway and gliding off into the distance.

GM: The house stands on the hill, the cloud of dust behind the car shrink and shrinking until the car has vanished from sight.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks at the receding car and then nods. “Well let’s see what we can find.” He begins to move up towards the house.

Margaret: Margaret makes her way towards the house and opens the door slowly.

GM: The front door is, I recall, unlocked from the day previously, or someone had the key or something. Either way, it’s only a moment before you’re at the door. And, looking through, there’s nothing to threaten you but for that slightly-off smell and rotten furniture.

Emily: “There doesn’t appear to be anything immediately here. I wonder if whatever was in the attic is still there? We still cannot take care of the other things we need to, as Emily has that journal. I never should have given it to her…”

(( Cue confused conversation trying to remember where the journal was.))

GM: Several entries within the journal refer to the ritual in question: it apparently involves drawing a pentagram ( of course) lighting a ceremonial fire and candles, some dust to toss into the fire to make it turn green. It also requires a two-hour chant in latin. Something called the ‘Dust of Ibn-Ghazi’ is mentioned as well. A later entry states that everything required is within the house, but that the author (Mr. Merriweather) was not strong enough to perform it himself.

Jeremiah: “Ok, so I think we need to see if we can locate the materials mentioned in the journal for the ritual.”

Margaret: “I agree. Let’s look around down here to see if we can find the needed materials. And let’s hope we don’t have to go upstairs.” Margaret begins to look for the materials described in the journal.

GM: It takes about an hour in all to search the house between the dust and the dim lighting. But eventually they discover something: an old cigar box and a sheaf of yellowed papers. Both are liberally covered in dust, and the occupation has obviously not been easy.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah opens the box and examines the contents.

Margaret: Margaret watches as Jeremiah opens the box, interested to see what is inside.

GM: Inside the yellow-paged box lie a small metal canister and a wooden box with a sliding lid. The former is filled with a coarse brownish powder, while the latter has a small amount of silver talc-like powder.

Jeremiah: “This must be the stuff.” Jeremiah looks at the yellowed paper

Margaret: “I think we are meant to draw the pentagram with one, and the other is the dust that is thrown in to the fire. I think we should try this…we did promise, after all.”

Dawn: The texts indicate the pentagram was drawn with chalk. Which you find on the shelf nearby the other two.

Margaret: Margaret references the journal on how and where to draw the pentagram. She also examines the journal again to make sure she understands the procedure. “Are you ready to get started?” She looks at Jeremiah expectantly.

Jeremiah: “Aren’t we supposed to do the ritual backwards or something?”

Margaret: “I believe so. Good thing you caught that. I’m not good with this sort of thing…its hard enough to suspend disbelief long enough to acknowledge what happened out front.”

GM: The ritual has to take placce at midnight. Looking at the sheafs of paper, you see they are all writen in large, flourished hand. Six of the papers are covered in identical writings. Three of the other sheets identify the chant as having been copied from a book called De Vermiis Mysteriis written c. 1542 by Ludwig Prinn. One sheet has a diagram of a specific pentagram. Three other sheets detail the ritual itself: it should begin at midnight, and to drive off the spirit should be chanted backwards.

Jeremiah: “Well it looks like we have some time to kill, should we get things prepared?”

GM: While it can be performed by a single person, the author notes, it is advisable to have more than one as any break in the chanting disrupts the ritual. He further suggests: “that a watcher be posted, lest the sorcerers by disturbed by the nuisances and distractions of malevolent spirits.”

Margaret: “Yes. And we should examine the rest of the house….to see if whatever did THAT is still here. I wonder if we’ll hear from Emily…if the police had listened, you think they’d be here by now. Its been over an hour.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks to see what time it is.

Jeremiah: “Well it looks like we have time, so let’s search the house before we get things prepped.”

Margaret: “Agreed. We need to stick together, though. I won’t be surprised if we come across something dangerous.”

GM: There is nothing really exciting in the house to discover, but you shortly hear the sound of some cars pulling in front of the house.

Margaret: “Maybe the police came after all?”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks outside to see if it’s the police. “If it is, we better go out there to greet them.”

GM: There’s a police cruiser, followed by the sporty red car that Emily left in.

Jeremiah: “Alright then, let’s see what happens now.” Jeremiah goes outside, making sure his hands are clearly visible and unthreatening.

Emily: Emily kills the engine, parking at the end of the driveway behind the cruiser.

Jeremiah: Margaret follows Jeremiah outside.

GM: A couple boys in blue step out of their car, starting toward the house. They both glance toward the Royce, and you can see some measure of surprise in their voice, before one makes his way back to the cruiser. The other heads toward the door, glancing to them. “You two the folks who came with her?” he asks, gesturing back to Emily.

Margaret: “Yes”, Margaret responds.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah nods. “We are officer. We’ve been waiting with the body to make sure nothing has been tampered with.”

GM: “Could we step inside for a moment so I could get your statements?” he asks, gesturing toward the door.

Margaret: “If that’s what you’d prefer”.

Emily: Emily exits the mercedes, watching the the police and her two friends, unsure where she should go.

Jeremiah: “Certainly officer.”

GM: The officer heading back to the car glances toward Emily. “You might want to step inside,” he comments to her, softly, sitting into the car. The following hour is filled with police questions about whom the house belongs to, what they’re doing there, and what they know of the crime. But eventually the car is removed, the body bagged, and each of the characters left with a number to call if they ‘remember anything further’.

Emily: Emily stands in the doorway of the house, watching the cruiser and the tow truck leave the driveway and disappear down the dusty road.

“Maudlin.” She says quietly to herself.

Margaret: “Should we go back inside and pick up where we left off?”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah fills Emily in on what they’ve found and what they plan on doing. “So are you in?”

Emily: “I… suppose, yes.” Emily says. “I doubt very much it will do anything, though.”

Margaret: “Neither did the police. There was hardly an investigation…they don’t know WHAT to do. We have the best chance of figuring it out.”

Jeremiah: “Well then, we should make sure things are prepared. And then figure out which one of us has the best latin…”

Emily: “Should we keep with two chanters and a watcher?” Emily asks. “I admit I’m less than thrilled with the idea of chanting a strange cerimony, but… I will if I must.”

Margaret: “I have some latin training, considering my Ph.D. Does anyone else? I can certainly chant.”

Jeremiah: “I never had more than basic latin in grammar school, and I admit I wasn’t a very good student…”

Margaret: “I think it would be best if Jeremiah kept watch, while Emily and I chanted. If that is ok with the both of you, of course.”

Jeremiah: “That works for me.”

GM: Time passes slowly in the old house, and as the sun begins to set Emily finishes teaching the ritual to Margaret, leaving a scant few hours before midnight. Is there anything you do in the interim? Like figure out what the two mystery powders are used for?

Margaret: Margaret looks through the journal for information on the two powders.

Margaret: After coming up empty, Margaret says, “Perhaps we should test the powders first, to see which does what.”

GM: As the light begins to flee the sky, the three light the fire in the fireplace to keep the night at bay.

Emily: “So after the chanting… what do we do with the second powder?” Emily asks, looking over the journal again.

Margaret: “It looks like we are ready for the ritual. Now we only have to wait till the right time to start.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah closes all the doors leading into the room and keeps lookout near the windows.

Margaret: “Let’s test the powders quickly, to see what does what”.

GM: Tossing a handful of the brown powder makes the fire flash green briefly.

Emily: Emily tosses a pinch of silver powder on the fire as well, just incase both have a smiliar effect.

GM: The fire sputters briefly, putting out an acrid smoke.

Margaret: “Now that we know, let’s review the procedure one more time. To make sure we are prepared.”

Emily: “Looks like the silver makes invisible things invisble, but I’m still not sure what exactly we’re supposed to do with it. The journal entry only mentions chanting the ritual.”

Margaret: “’it might not be meant for the fire at all…it might be meant for us. If something goes wrong.”

Jeremiah: “Perhaps the creature is invisible, and we have to use it to reveal it before we can send it back.”

Jeremiah: “I think Jeremiah is on to something.”

Emily: “It might be used before the ritual… or… during? But we don’t need to see it to banish it, according to the journal.” Emily glances at the pouch of silver powder.

Margaret: “We might need to see it in order to prevent it from ruining the ritual. It might allow us to avoid it, should it appear. I guess we will have to see when the time comes, there is no way to know now”.

Emily: “Better give it to Jermiah, whatever the case ends up being.” Emily says, handing the pouch to the much renouned author.
andromedafire: “I agree. The chanting cannot be disrupted, so he is the obvious choice”.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah takes the powder. “I guess we’ll see if we need it.”

GM: Fair enough. As midnight approaches, everyone gets into position and at the strike of midight, the handful of powder thrown into the fire. As the flames lick up hungrily, their colors changed to a rich green and brown, casting a queer light over the room, the chanting begins. Ominous latin words, with one of the two chanting at each time to allow the other time to catch their breath. It feels… surreal.

Jermiah: Jeremiah prowls around the room trying to pick up any sort of disturbance.

GM: Twenty minutes in to the ritual, a loud thumping sound reverberates from the attic above, flames jumping as they again hear that unnatural snuffling sound. (( Sanity checks! )

(( All pass, no sanity loss ))

Margaret: Mentally, Margaret jumped when the thumping began. She maintained her compsure and kept chanting.

Emily: Emily continues chanting, inwardly startled. A sudden, unshakable sense of dread slowly growing over her as a the hint of a dark reality began to take hold.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks up towards the attic when he hears the noise. There’s nothing he can do about noise though. He takes a handful of powder in his hand as he watches the room for any changes, ready to throw it out if needed.

GM: The snuffling continues for a few seconds, the floor creaking above the three. Then, abruptly a harsh howling noise fills the air, followed by foul curses in a harsh, gutteral voice your mind shirks at understanding. The house begins to creak and sway. Objects on shelves and the mantle crash to the floor noisily. (( Sanity check. ))

(( All pass, all lose 1 ))

Margaret: It becomes harder to maintain compusure, but Margaret holds on.

Jeremiah: With the noise now filling the room Jeremiah throws the powder into the air over the pentagram, hoping to make the source visible.

GM: The powder shimmers into the air, catching the queer, unearthly light from the fire, but nothing is revealed. Although some of the dust coats each of the women.

Emily: Emily continues chanting, mildly reassured by the powders lack of reveal.

GM: For the next thirty minutes, the house shakes violently on its foundation, before finally creaking to a silent stop. And that’s when you can smell it. The slightly-off smell from before pervading the house begins to seep through the ceiling, quickly filling the room as you can hear something dripping onto the floor… (( Luck rolls. ))

(( Emily passes ))

GM: The dripping sound begins to come more and more often, and Emily sees some… viscous green fluid begin to drip from the cracks in the ceiling regularly, the smell growing to even more pungent heights. Margaret and Jeremiah see the same thing, but they are distracted by something else: the liquid dripping onto them. For Jeremiah, it falls down the back of his neck, and Margaret, onto her arm, eating through any cloth over it almost immediately. And then pain flashes from the wounds, burning into your skin for 2 damage a piece.

(( 2 Damage to Margaret and Jeremiah ))

Emily: Emily continues chanting, despite her attention being torn between watching for more of the dripping fluid and concern for her fellows.

GM: The furniture around the room is not spared the treatment, the acidic material continuing to eat through the rotten frames.

Emily: Emily contnues chanting, mover her arms abover her head in an attempt to shield herserlf from the noxious fluid if any should fall on her.

Margaret: Margaret is briefly interrupted by pain on her arms, from a disgusting, noxious fluid. It seems to have burned her.

GM: The skin is a dark red, swelling up after the liquid drips off.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah moves out of the way and tries to wipe the burning liquid off of himself.

GM: The liquid continues to drip around, but the three were made wise to the trick, able to dodge the remainder of the painful fluids from the ceiling. And as you approach the bgeinning of the second hour of the ritual, it begins to stop, the house falling silent yet again.

Emily: Emily pauses for breath as Margaret continues, taking advantage of the unnerving calm.

Margaret: Margaret continues chanting, a bit shaken and in pain, but aware that it could be much worse.

GM: The following minutes are tense, each of you waiting for the monster’s next move but not knowing what to expect. Listen checks!

((All fail))

GM: The ritual continues uninterrupted, the tension only growing. ((ANother listen check! ))

GM: Both Emily and Jeremiah hear it, from outside. A soft cry for help from the outside, in a woman’s voice! Someone sounds like they’re in trouble!

Emily: Emily glances at the other two, continuing to chant, unsure if she should advise them at the risk of breaking the ritual.

Margaret: Margaret continues to chant.

Jeremiah: “I think we need to ignore it. There’s no way anyone else is out here at this hour. I think someone, or something is trying to distract us from completing it.”

Emily: Emily nods her head, motion to the window as she continues to chant.

Margaret: Margaret hears jeremiah talking, but she does not know why.

GM: So you ignore the woman’s plaintive cry for help?

Jeremiah: Jeremiah does take a moment to glance out the window.

((Failed Spot Hidden))

GM: You can’t see anything outside.

GM: Turning back to the room from the window, the ritual continues for a minute, before a loud thud comes from the front door.

Emily: Emily continues chanting in a shaken voice, looking at Jermiah and shaking her head, wide eyed.

Margaret: Margaret continues chanting, and also looks toward Jeremiah, worried.

GM: The door shakes under another loud thud. This time, it’s echoed from the back door.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah tries to see if he can see anything but it still looks like nothing is there.

GM: Glancing out the door, Jeremiah can see… a person’s outline, vaguely, but something seems… wrong.

Emily: Emily covers her head with her hands, curling over into a ball and continuing the chant.

Margaret: Margaret continues to focus on the chant. She no longer needs convinced that something supernatural is occuring here, and decides that finishing the ritual is extremely important.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah grabs another handful of powder and puts himself between the door and the two chanting women.

GM: The back door shudders again, but the front door fall silent for a moment before he can make out something shuffling in front of one of the windows.

Emily: Emily continues to chant in her ball, eyes peeled open, unblinking, staring at the pentagram in front of her.

Margaret: Margaret also continues chanting, but shifts her focus to the front windows. She saw something move, but cannot break the chant to investigate.

GM: The shadow in the window shifts… before an arm, encrusted with blood breaks through the window with a loud crashing sound.

Margaret: Margaret jumps at the sound, and then sees the arm. She continues chanting, but looks directly at Jeremiah to see his reaction.

Emily: Emily’s scream is voiced in a raised and vocally wavering continuation of the chant as she scrambles her hands into her purse, searching for the .38 to throw to Jermiah.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah grabs the gun out of the air and clicks the safety off as he swings around to face the broken window.

Jeremiah: He doesn’t shoot yet, but holds the gun steady, trained on the bloody limb.

GM: The limb, unsurprisingly, doesn’t react to a gun being pointed at it, thrashing in the hole in the glass, cutting itself apart while the hole grows larger. It does not bleed, however.

Jeremiah: After a few seconds Jeremiah takes aim and shoots the arm as high up as he can.

GM: The figure stumbles back, before there’s a gutteral gurgling sound, the figure throwing themselves at the window, the damaged window shattering under its weight. And it’s then that those within sees what he’s been firing at. The hobo from before, with a smooth hole in his chest, his face a frozen mask of horror. His clothes, face, and body are covered in congealed blood, clothes torn and ripped, and a fresh hole through his shoulder. (( Sanity check! ))

(( All pass, lose 1 ))

GM: The shot goes wide, shattering another section of the window.

Emily: Emily aims at the horror, still chanting, and fires her saturday night special. With a wild, unholy terror in her eyes.

Margaret: Margaret continues chanting, while trying to figure out what’s going on.

GM: Emily lowers her pistol the ground, breathlessly chanting in a low monotone and staring at the broken window.

GM: Ear ringing, your eyes are drawn toward the middle of the ceiling, where a small wisp of smoke curls from the ceiling, twisting toward the center of the pentagram you all sound around. The pounding on the rear door continues, unnoticed.

Margaret: Margaret notices the odd wisp of smoke. Clearly, the ritual is accomplishing something. She continues to chant. The threat from the front of the house seems to have been neutralized.

GM: The smoke touched the ground in the center of the pentagram and… something… forms from it. The gutteral howling from before repeats, but all you can see is a… blur in the air. (( Sanity rolls! x2! ))

(( All pass first, Emily fails second, loses 1 sanity ))

Emily: Emily continues the chant, instinctively closing her eyes and looking away from the pentagram, but not in time.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah tosses the powder into the smoke that is filling the pentagram

GM: As the dust travels through the air, catching the light and glittering with the verdigris glow from the fire, it appears to strike something where the blur is. And as it comes into view, ‘something’ seems to to be the only word your mind can put to the cthonic entity before you. There is no logic, no reason to the being standing before you. It is a thing of nightmares, an undulating, throbbing mass of maws and talons and unspeakable long appendages. It is something that belongs not in this world, but in the world of night-terrors. And it opens its maw and screams again, forming the most blasphemous of curses it knows to spit at you as it claws and gnashes at the air. Sanity check!

(( Margaret passes, loses 2 sanity. Emily loses 6, Jeremiah 9 ))

Margaret: Margaret looks at the entity in front of her. She is taken aback, but keeps her wits about her. She continues chanting. This was the creature they were meant to banish.

GM: To both Emily and Jeremiah, suddenly what is standing before them is not a cthonic entity from beyond time and space. That would be ridiculous. But it is an absolutely gorgeous specimen humanity, beckoning you toward them with a warm smile.

GM: They both start toward the pentagram, arms wide to embrace the entity! What does Margaret do?!

Emily: Emily falters for a moment, ceasing her chanting. Did they do it? Has the curse or the spell been broken?

Margaret: Margaret continues chanting, but sees her two friends approach the entity. She tries flailing her arms, trying to indicate to them to GET BACK. She moves toward them.

GM: They don’t move back, approaching the circle ever closer… Seconds to minutes left in the ritual. Decisiontime is now. What do you do?

Margaret: Margaret places herself between her friends and the creature, and keeps chanting. She hits them, trying to keep them back. She knows she can’t hold them both back, and they seem insistent.

GM: The creature in the circle continues to gnash its teeth and claw toward them, appearing… eager.

GM: The blow strikes Jeremiah on the side of his head, sending him reeling to the ground momentarily. Emily, however, is not stopped, continuing to the circle…

GM: Margaret grabs onto Emily, determined to stop her from crossing that threshold, but she (inexplicable) pulls herself free, arms wide and smiling triumphantly as she steps across the barrier of the pentagram. With a final screech, the creature lashes out at Emily, but its form is already starting to dissipate into more smoke. With a hellborn screech one of its limbs lashes out at the dilletant, sending her flying across the room, shoulder torn open and bleeding profusely, to slam into the wall. With a final pop sound, the creature is gone, leaving Margaret alone in an empty, abandoned house, both her colleagues passed out and one bleeding profusely.

((Emily takes 8 damage, is knocked unconscious))

-4 Sanity from Margaret, -9 From Emily, -11 from Jeremiah
-8 HP to Emily, -2 from Margaret and Jeremiah both

Episode 4

GM: As the intrepid trio picks themselves (some figuratively) off the ground, they come to the conclusion that it’s a good time as ever to leave, and to regroup the following evening, with the mysterious journal.

Making their way out from the house, the first thing that Emily notices is tha absence of her driver from the relatively simple task of gassing up the tank.

The sun is beginning to dip below the horizon, casting ethereal shadows over the landscape.

Emily: Emily glances down the road towards the small village, then up the other direction. “Where did James go off to? He can’t be taking this long.”

Margaret: “We might be stuck here for a bit then. We certainly can’t leave anyone alone. Its…dangerous.”

Jeremiah: We’ll stay with you until he returns of course

Emily: “Thank you.” Emily says, rather more concerned than she would normally be about such an absence. “I hope everything’s alright.”

Margaret: “If you’d like, we can return to town in Jeremiah’s car. Perhaps we’ll find your driver there?”\

GM: A few moments pass, the shadows gradually lengthening across the high grasses surrounding the farmhouse.

Jeremiah: “I wouldn’t mind taking you. Perhaps the car has a flat and we’ll find him up the road.”

Margaret: “Let’s return to town, then. It might not be wise to stay here while its dark.”

Emily: “Yes, that must be it.” Emily says, swallowing quietly and stepping into the back of Jermiah’s motorcar.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah drives the car back towards the town, keeping an eye out for any cars on the side of the road.

GM: As you move toward the car, none of the three hear the soft thudding sound in from the attic, nor the soft sound of splintering wood. But as the last door shuts with a slam, and the engine turns over, they all hear one thing:

A loud scream of terror coming from the woods behind the house. A man’s scream. A sharp sound in the relative silence of the night, cut off all too abruptly.

Emily: “What-” Emily’s head snaps up.

Margaret: Margaret gasps. “Did you hear that? What was that?”

Emily: Emily glances back towards the woods, images of the mad vagrant and many wild, terrible ends flashing across her mind. “Do you… do you think that was the man from the cellar?”

Jeremiah: “Well it came from the woods where that crazy man ran.”

Margaret: “I think it is very likely… And I think we’d better not investigate in the dark.”

Emily: “I…” Emily pauses, altruisim, fear and curiosity all combating. “…I agree. I think we had best be… moving along.”

Jeremiah: “You’re probably right. Do you think maybe we should report it though?”

Margaret: “To the police? We might. But then we might not be able to return to the house.”

Emily: “I think we should report this whole ordeal.” Emily says. “We can have the police investigate the screams while they deal with that animal in the attic.”

GM: The ride back to the town is quiet, the night sky darkening into the bleakness of twilight. It is a few-hour drive back to civilization. ((Brief continuation of conversation before cutting to the next day. ))

Emily: “We should pull into the petrol station.” Emily says as they come into the town. “Perhaps James is there with the car being worked on for some… bother or problem.”

Margaret: “Agreed. Do we want to report this incident to the police?”

Emily: “If he isn’t at the station… and he isn’t home… I suppose I’d certainly better.” Emily says.

Jeremiah: “I’m not sure if reporting it is such a good idea… I mean, if what’s in that house is really some sort of demon or spirit, what could they do? Besides, we made a promise…”

Margaret: “I agree with Jeremiah. I don’t believe the police are anymore equipped to handle this than we are, and we have additional information. And, of course, the promise.”

Emily: “There’s more going on here than some silly spirit.” Emily says, flustered. “There are men prowling about ready to murder over something Mr. Merriweather gave to us and some kind of bear or mountain lion in that attic, we need the authorities here.”

Margaret: “You may be right, but we made a promise. And I don’t think what we saw was a bear or mountain lion. It very closely resembled what was described in that journal, and we cannot ignore that. I think we have to face that something strange is going on here. The police are just not equipped to handle it.”

Jeremiah: “Ok, how about this then, if we can’t figure out how to take care of the problem in 3 days, or one of us is seriously injured, we can take it to the police, otherwise, we deal with it like we promised.”

Margaret: “That seems reasonable.”

Emily: Emily rubs her temples, trying to think. “Alright, look… If we can’t find James, I’ll tell the police he’s missing. I won’t mention anything about the house or the man from the cellar, is that alright?”

Margaret: “Have you considered that perhaps he just returned to Arkham without you? Has he ever done anything like that before?”

Jeremiah: “That sounds reasonable. We should ask at the store if they’ve seen him. Isn’t that where he seid he’d be?”

GM: The car pulls up to the gas-station, barely illuminated by flickering yellow lights over the pumps. Inside the structure, a faint illumination shows (presumably) the attendant sitting inside.

Emily: “He has not, no. Father would skin him alive if he did.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah turns to the other two. “Ok, do we want to ask if he was here?”

Margaret: “That seems wise.” Margaret moves to leave the car and walk into the station to speak with the attendant.

GM: The older man barely looks up from the paper as the bell over the door announces your entrance.

Margaret: Margaret looks back over her shoulder to see if either of her companions had followed her in. “Excuse me, Sir, have you seen a man named James come through here?” She realized the question was dumb, as the man most likely would not have known the driver’s name, but she asked anyways.

GM: “Not that I know,” he replies flatly, turning the page of the paper, before glancing pointedly toward the car. “Strange time of night to be drivin’.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah, who had followed Margaret into the store asks the old man why he’d say something like that.

Emily: Emily has followed Margaret inside, feeling at least some measure of responsibility for her driver. “Did you see a dull white royce by any chance?”

GM: “Don’ get many visitors after dark,” he says, folding up the paper to look flatly at Jeremiah. Emily, he doesn’t even look at. “Yep.”

Emily: “Did it stop? Where was it going? Sir?” Emily leans over the counter towards the man.

Margaret: “So…you haven’t seen a car like that come through here.” Margaret is slightly annoyed that the man ignored Emily’s question. In fact, he hadn’t even looked at her.

GM: “Asked for gas,” he says, scowling to Emily. “Why?”

Emily: “He has not been seen since.” Emily says, the voice of someone wishing to be an ace detective slipping through. “These were in fact his last known wereabouts and you are the last known man to witness him alive!”

GM: “You accusin’ me, girl?”

Margaret: “As far as we know, Emily. Sir, did he mention where he was going?”

Emily: “I am not accusing anyone, I am stating! I am stating you were currently the last person to see him! Where was he going?”

Gm: “Told him we were out of gas, gas station a while down the road has some,” he says simply, picking the paper up again.

Emily: “Down the road…” Emily rubs her chin, looking away. “Hmm.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah thanks the man for the information and turns to the two women. “Maybe we should look there, if he needed gas, he couldn’t just wait.”

Emily: “To the gas station down the road!” Emily says, dashing out of the service station and towards Jermiah’s car.

Margaret: “Agreed. Let’s head there.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah gets in the car after them and they start down the road.

GM: The road only gets worst as you continue to drive, the ride slowly getting rougher before you come to a ramshackle gas station at the side of the road, single pump leaning to one side slightly.

Margaret: “This place…leaves much to be desired. Especially this time of night.” Margaret cannot tell if anyone is attending the gas station.

GM: The shutters on the windows are drawn.

Emily: “Disreputable!” Emily exclaims, crouching down and carefully peeking out over the door window.

Jeremiah: “Well if he was here, he certainly isn’t now. What do you want to do Emily. I can take you home if you wish, or to a telephone to call home.”

Margaret: “James’ car does not seem to be here, Emily. Do you want to go inside and ask?”

Emily: “I am conflicted.” Emily says, staring at the leering, battered old relic and the pale shadows cast by its interior.

Jeremiah: “we can go in with you of course.”

Emily: Emily takes a deep breath, mustering her courage and clutching her handbag close ot her. “It is only right. The safety of the help may be at stake.”

Margaret: Margaret opens the car door and gets out. She waits for her companions to do the same.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah follows Emily towards the station.

Emily: Emily coughs, waiting for Jeremiah to move ahead of her.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah moves up to the door and tries the handle.

GM: The gravel crunches underfoot as you make your way toward the building, a heavy wooden door sitting ajar in the frame. The handle doesn’t turn.

It’s locked.

Emily: “Unanticipated.” Emily says softly from behind Jermiah.

Margaret: “I wonder…the attendant said it was open. How long has it been closed?” Margaret thought out loud.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks for some sort of sign for business hours in the windows.

GM: Glancing to the windows, you notice that one of them has a hole through it, likely by something thrown.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah tries to look through the hole into the store.

GM: The shutters are, as previously mentioned, closed.

Likely, you suspect, in having something thrown through the window

Margaret: Margaret knocks loudly on the door.

GM: Shortly after the knock you hear a thudding sound, before footsteps coming to the door. “Who is it?” a reedy voice asks through the wood. “I’ve got a weapon!”

Margaret: “No need for that! We have a question, that’s all. Forgive our instrusion, but its rather urgent.”

GM: “A question? We’re closed for the night.” The voice says, unsure.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah steps up to the door. “We’re not here to cause trouble.” He looks pointedly at the other two. “We’re just looking for a friend.”

Margaret: “he may have come by here.”

GM: There’s a brief pause before, “Who was it?”

Emily: “A man by the name of James.” Emily says. “He was driving an off white royce.”

GM: “Oh,” the voice says after a moment. “Yeah, he was here. That enough for you?”

Margaret: “Did he say where he was going?”

GM: “No, he just bought gas and left,” the voice says.

Emily: “Which way did he leave?” Emily asks.

GM: There’s a pause, and you see one of the shutters move. “The way you came in, I think. I wasn’t paying too much attention at the time.”

Emily: “Thank you kindly, sir! Sorry to wake you!” Emily says, moving back to the car.

Margaret: “Thank you, sir.” Margaret headed back to the car.

GM: As you move back to the car, you see the shutters move again, the man inside watching you as you walk away.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah turns to Emily once they all got back into the car. “There is no way we could have missed him coming here. Either that man is lying or James drove through the woods. What do you want to do now?”

Emily: “I don’t know.” Emily admits, eyeing the man through the shutters. “It may be best to simply return home and see if he’s somehow found his way back there, and report to the police if he hasn’t. However… if he’s really in some danger…”

Margaret: “If he’s in danger, are we likely to find him in the dark and provide aid? It is far more reasonable to return home.”

Emily: “Yes…” Emily says, looking away from the station. “You’re right of course.”

Jeremiah: “Alright. I will take you home and we’ll hope he returned there for some reason.” Jeremiah begins driving back towards Arkham.

Margaret: “I assume we will return to the house in the morning, with the journal in tow.”

GM: Arkham is but a few miles away, and soon the trio is back on smoother roads driving toward actual civilization.

The drive home is unadventurous, although Emily notes a distinct lack of a Rolls Royce when she pulls up to her home. And, indeed, when she inquires, he hadn’t returned.

Her brother is most upset that her driver – a fine employee by all accounts – seems to have abandoned her so frivolously.

The other two return to their abode with no major discoveries or issues.

As for the police, they promise they will look into the disappearance and call back if they find anything.

The following noon, the three meet, by happenstance, at nearly the precise time. Both cars come to a stop in front of the building, noticing at near the same time a car parked in the driveway.

An off-white Rolls Royce.

Margaret: “…that’s James’ car, isn’t it. Emily?”

Jeremiah: “There is no way he passed us on the road…”

Margaret: “And we would have known if he was here when we left. Where was he?”

GM: The paint is noticably more dusty than when you last saw the car, no doubt the hallmark of the high quality roads in this backwoods wasteland,.

Jeremiah: “This is very strange. Why would he have waited here all night. Something is wrong.”

Emily: “James!” Emily exclaims, hopping from her cadillac (which was an awful shade of red) “James what on EARTH have you been doing all night?” She shouts into the still house. “CHICANERY?”

GM: There is no responce. Through the rear window, you can dimly make out a figure sitting in the driver’s seat, as if at rest.

Emily: “James?” Emily calls out again, somewhat quieter. “Are you awake?”

GM: There’s still no responce.

Margaret: Margaret moves to wrap on the glass of the window.

GM: As you move closer toward the car, you notice that it seems to be settling oddly. And, look, there’s a dent in the hood! And a hole in the window! What has he been doing?!

You can’t make out his face through the smoked glass, but he must be a deep sleeper.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah goes to see if the front door is open.

Emily: “James, father will have you KILLED, what have you done the Royce?” Emily exclaims, jerking open the driver’s door to shake the impossible man awake.

GM: As the door opens, the man inside – the body – shifts, sliding across the leather seat to spill out on the ground. His face is struck with the apathy of the grave and his normally-immaculate suit is covered in blood.

In fact, it tooks to have splattered across the instrument panel and the leather seats. Red specks on white everywhere you look. It’s the small details that seem the most striking.

The keys in the ignition, the burned out cigarette in his hand, the newspaper sitting on the passenger’s seat, almost immaculate.

Margaret: Margaret jumps back and gasps. “Oh my.”

Emily: Emily attempts to scream, the sound getting lodged somewhere in her throat and coming out as little more than gasping queal as she stumbles backwards.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah moves in front of both women blocking their view. “Step back. Go back to my car.”

He then proceeds to inspect the car and see if he can determine what happened.

Margaret: “I will not be told what to do. Let me examine the car as well. Perhaps I’ll see something you won’t.”

Emily: Emily turns quickly away, leaning against her car and attempting to keep her insides from erupting onto the ground.

GM: Red on white. Father will never be able to get the stains out. He will probably have to apholster the whole car.

Looking at the body, the Author manages to discover little of import, but the Professor as luck would have it has a keener eye toward the analytical. On the man’s chest is a hole, and the ribs look to have been gnawed apart.

More disturbingly, however, is the heart.

Or the lack of one, more precisely.

Margaret: “His heart is gone. Its been…removed. Oh my…I feel a bit sick.” Margaret steps back from the car and tries to keep her stomach down.

Emily: “I’m going for the police.” Emily manages, struggling into her car. “You should wait here, make sure… nothing happens to the… to James.”

Margaret: “Not so fast, Emily. Are you sure you want to involve the police at this moment? This is clearly related to whatever is going on in this house. Take a minute if you need to, but let’s not be hasty.”

GM: The edges of the wound are smooth; you know of no tools that could do the job so cleanly, while also so messily.

Emily: “THERE IS ALL OVER MY FATHER’S ROYCE YES I WISH TO INVOLVE THE POLICE!” Emily screams from her car, voice shaking.

Margaret: “Emily, please calm down. You cannot drive into town in this condition anyways.”

Jeremiah: “Let’s all take a moment and think things through. FIrst of all, how could he have gotten here without passing us?”

Emily: Emily pauses, attempting to ease her hyperventilating with deep, ragged breaths.

Margaret: “he must not have passed us while we were still in this village. He must’ve been elsewhere.”

Emily: “Alright…” She swallows, refusing to look at the off white car. “Alright… he… he was clearly driving a good distance, likely out to that old gas station… at least… there’s enough dust on the car for at least that road…”

Jeremiah: “Ok, good. That makes sense. Then he must have pulled off somewhere for a moment. Maybe for a smoke? Or to relieve himself. That’s the only way we could have passed him.”

Margaret: “I think you’re right, Jeremiah. then he came back here. And we can only assume that…this…happened shortly after.”\

Emily: “It couldn’t have been that…” Emily stares at her dashboard, fingers gripping the wheel. “He was gone much too long to have still come back expecting to find us.”

Margaret: “Its very possible he returned shortly after we left. We just missed him.”

Jeremiah: “Unless he knew you would go looking for him. In which case he probably thought the best place to be was where he was supposed to meet you.”

Emily: “Maybe…” Emily pauses, swallowing. She steps out of her car, leaving the door open and moves towards the royce, careful to avoid looking at the body as much as she can, and tries to search the dirt driveway for tracks or prints. “If it did happen while he was parked here…”

GM: Looking around, you can see the tracks from when he pulled into the driveway casually, but you can’t tell if he got out of the car.

Episode 3
In which Jeremiah makes some friends.

GM: The week has been wholly unexciting and unnoteworthy at the University for Ms. Jones; the only bright spot was her receiving a call back from her message: Mr Armitage is duely sorry but his schedule for the week is booked. Instead, he inquires if you would be free the following Tuesday before leaving you to your work.

For the young Heiress, the week has been full of brimming curiosity and long hours in the household library much to the bemusement of her older brother, the bewilderment of the younger sister. At the explanation, he just shakes his head and keeps her company for some of the nights.

For the author, the week is much like the others. It’s easy to put the events from your mind when you get a call informing you of a deadline drawing all the nearer for a rough draft of your next work.

Dawn: Many nights spent hunched over a typewriter burning the midnight oil.

Eventually, however, the Saturday comes. A breezy June day, the sun shining brightly overhead through the windows of the Miskatonic University. A few of those seated within give you glances, but most just look longing toward the sun outside before returning to their varied works.

Margaret: Margaret had sent a message back to Mr. Armitage earlier in the week stating that she would, in fact, be free the following Tuesday. Now, she sits waiting in the library for her companions.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah was eager to get some answers. He looked forward to learning what his old friend had managed to do in that old house of his.

Emily: Emily sits beside Margaret, reading again through the journal the curious, sometimes worrying accounts contained therein, searching for some clue or hidden meaning she may have missed in the writing. A summoned monster was clearly fiction, but there may be some other clue as to why someone would want the leader of their society dead.

Margaret: “Well, it looks like we are all here. I assume we still plan to go to this house?” Margaret inquired.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah nodded. “Of course. We can take my car if you wish, I don’t mind taking us there and back.”

Emily: “Of course.” Emily says without looking up. “Although I admit I am a touch nervous. I’ve not been involved in a murder before.”

Margaret: “I should hope none of us have. But, this is to interesting to ignore. Shall we head that way, or is there anything else here that we need to discuss first?”

Jeremiah: “We could probably finish up the translation on the sarcophugus if you’d like. We’re pretty close to getting it figured out.”

Margarer: “Let’s do that first, then. It may contain important information.”

Emily: “Let us, yes.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah pulls out the Egyptian translation text he had taken last time and puts it on the table. “I’ve been looking through this all week, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish up.”

Emily: Emily pulls up here chair, attempting to aid Jeremiah in the translation.

GM: It takes an hour to finish the translation of the sarcophogus, leaving you with a faint headache. And as to the results of your translation:

“Seeker of Wisdom, Servant (son)of Yugr (Yoag) Setheth,
Deliverer of the people (slaves) of the water, Bearer of the
spirits of Nar-Loth-hotep,
child of Thoth, Seeker of Wisdom”

Jeremiah: “Well, what do you guys think? Not exactly Shakespeare is it?”

Margaret: Margaret laughs. “No, it isn’t. We may not understand it now, but it may prove useful later.”

Emily: “Curious.” Emily says, leaning back. “Yugr Setheth… I don’t recall any diety like that in the Egyptian pantheon.”

Margaret: “Nor do I. But I’m by no means an expert in this area.”

Jeremiah: “Nor do I.” Jeremiah rubs his temples. “Perhaps there’s more information on the writing inside… but that is a completely different language. We’d need a lot more time to translate any of that.”

Emily: “I suppose if we’re to find answers, we had best start with Mr. Merriweather’s house, had we not?”

Margaret: “Which, unfortunately, I do not think we have time for at the moment. Perhaps we should leave for the house.”

GM: Even if you had all the time in the world, you’ve no idea how to translate the text on the inside.

Emily: Emily stands, sliding in her chair and collecting the journal. “Do you… mind if I hold on to this?” She asks Margaret.

Margaret: “No, by all means. Perhaps you’ll find something I missed.”

Emily: “Thank you.” Emily smiles politely, fitting the book inside her handbag. “Shall we be going? I have a ride waiting, do you… need one, as well?”

Jeremiah: “Well, if there’s nothing else to be done here, why don’t we check out the house.”

Margaret: “I believe I”ll be riding with Jeremiah, as he has a car. If he doesn’t mind, of course."

Jeremiah: Jeremiah nods. “Of course, that’s why I offered.”

Emily: “Lovely, then.” Emily smiles again as she leaves. “We’ll all meet at the house inside the hour, yes?”

Margaret: “Agreed”, Margaret replies.

Jeremiah: Once again he nods and heads out to the car.

Emily: Emily leaves the library/university, boarding her waiting car. The driver makes a quick stop at her family estate where she deposits the journal in her bedroom’s wall safe, simultaniously retrieving a .38 special and placing it in her bag and heading back to the car.

GM: Leaving the library, you three head to your respective rides, beginning a drive through the New England wilderness. There is only a scattering of trees as you drive alongside beautiful the Miskatonic River.

It is, in a word, a wholly unexciting trip. After a few hours, you arrive in the small ‘village’ of Ross’ Corners. It looks to be little more than a few small buildings beside a dusty road, but there’s a gas station and convienience store.

It is at this point that you realize that the only indication of where the home is is the deed.

Margaret: Margaret looks at Jeremiah. “We know the address to this house. It shouldn’t be hard to find. We can reasonably assume it won’t be in the village proper. Maybe we should explore the outskirts of the village?”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks over at Margaret. “I suppose we could do that. Or, we could ask for directions in the gas station. Someone must know where the house is. Why don’t we get Emily to pull in here with us and I’ll go in and ask.”

Margaret: Margaret laughs, surprised she hadn’t thought of that. “Asking for directions does seem logical, doesn’t it?”

Jeremiah: “If this house is haunted, it’s bound to have attracted some attention from the local youth.” Jeremiah pulls into the gas station and waits for Emily’s car to arrive.

DFM: Emily spots Jerimiah’s car parked at the station and signals her driver to pull in alongside them.

“Hello!” She shouts excitedly from the back seat.

GM: The gas station is an equally dusty building, looking fairly unimpressive with dirty whitewashed walls. Through the windows, you can make out an older man sitting at the counter

Jeremiah: Jeremiah leans in close and tells her, “Wait here for a moment. We realized we don’t know where the house is exactly. I’m going to run in and ask for directions.”

Margaret: Margaret notices that Emily had arrived. She waved at her.

Emily: Emily waves back, her driver unsure if he should roll his eyes or laugh.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah straightens out his jacket and reseats his hat making himself as presentable as possible. He then steps into the gas station.

First he looks to see if there are any other customers in the station.

GM: Easily done. The building looks is orderly, the older man at the counter looking up from his magazine toward Jeremiah. He doesn’t look impressed. “What can I do for you?” he asks, dourly. There are no other customers.

Margaret: Margaret stays in the car for a moment, then decides it might be best to follow Jeremiah in.

GM: His eyes moves toward Margaret as she enters, the bell over the door jingling happily.

Emily: Emily reclines in the back seat of her car, wishing momentarily that she hadn’t left the journal at home. She engages her driver in idle conversation, mostly about the town and Mr. Merriweather.

Margaret: Margaret stands away, trying to look like a regular customer. She stays near the door.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah walks up to the counter and looks closely at the man. “Hello,” he says, “maybe you can help me. I’m trying to locate a property for my client and can’t seem to find it. I have the address here.”

He pulls out the deed and shows the attendant. “If you could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful.”

GM: “Mgh,” he says, glancing to the deed for a moment, before pointing over his shoulder. “Go down the road about a half-mile, take a right. Third road off to your left,” he says simply. “You going to buy anything?”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks around for a moment and grabs a coke. “Of course. I’m not a heathen, and I appreciate your help.”

GM: He scowls slightly, before taking his money and making change from the till. “And you?” he asks, looking darkly toward Margaret.

Margaret: Margaret smiles at the attendant. “You know, a Coke does sound wonderful.” She grabs one and walks to the front to pay.

GM: He takes the money quickly, handing back the change again before eyeing the two suspiciously momentarily. Make a Psychology check, y’two.

GM: Margaret gets the feeling that more is at work here than the proverbial yankee reticence.

Margaret: Margaret senses something strange about the man, but decides there isn’t much time to think about it. She looks at Jeremiah then walks towards the door.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah, sensing nothing out of place returns to the car after Margaret.

Emily: “Did you find out where it is?” Emily asks from her car, perking up as she sees Margaret leaving the gas station.

Margaret: Once outside, Margaret says to Jeremiah and Emily, “There was something off about that man. It woudl be wise to be careful during our stay here.”

Jeremiah: “He gave us directions, so we should have no problem finding it now.”

Emily: Emily can’t help but feel a twinge of nervous excitement. Conspiracy? Danger? Murder and abandoned, cursed houses?

GM: Presumably, they follow the directions and soon find themselves in front of a house built on a fairly large lot, trees framing it carefully. The gravel driveway crunches beneath the cars’ wheels, a refreshing change from the dirt roads.

The aging building is built atop the hill, visibile from the road. The peaked roof is slightly bowed from age, and the building looks to be fairly ill-kept, but in good condition despite. Jeremiah can’t help but feel it would be the perfect setting for a pulp.

Margaret: Margaret notices that the house looks normal, although it hasn’t been maintained. It certainly did not look frightening from the outside, a fact which she mentioned to Jeremiah. “Perhaps we won’t find anything of note here after all”, she states.

Emily: “Marvelous…” Emily says under her breath, not quite sarcastically.

“Stop back in town to pick up some gas and then wait here, would you?” Emily tells the driver as she steps from the car, looking up at the old house. “Bit of a sad old thing, isn’t it?”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looks up at the house and smiles. This looks like something from one of his stories. “Maybe we should check it out instead of staring. Let’s go.”

GM: The driver gives his assent before backing slowly from the driveway as soon as she’s stepped out, glancing toward the three from the road momentarily.

Margaret: Margaret gets out of the car and approaches the house, waiting to make sure her companions were following.

Emily: Emily glances around the grounds to see if there are any sheds or axillary buildings besides the main house.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah heads up to the house and stops outside the door. “Well, where’s that key?”

GM: The grass and bushes around the home have grown fairly large without the impediment of human hands.

Emily: Emily removes the key from her handbag, stepping up the cracking wooden stairs and slipping it easily into the rusting lock. She twists it, the door letting out a disquieting clack as the latches twist into place.

GM: Once unlocked, the door opens with a rusty creaking.

Jeremiah: “All right then, let’s see what’s going on here.” Jeremiah steps into the house and looks around.

Margaret: The door opened rather loudly, and it caused Margaret to jump slightly. “Well, shall we go in? There doesn’t seem much a reason to remain outside. We should be careful, however. Who knows what we might find?”

Emily: Emily pulls the key from the lock and places it in her bag again before stepping carefully inside.

GM: Through the light coming through the sagging shutters, you can make out that the floor is warped and stained, presumably from water leaking through the roof.

Rot has eaten away at a couch sitting and matching wing chairs in the room, and the whole of the contents are covered in a not-so-thin layer of dust.

GM: Beyond that, however, there is a faint odor in the air.

Margaret: “It smells odd in here”, Margaret notes.

Emily: Emily pauses, looking down.

“What was that?”

Margaret: “Do you not smell it?” Margaret asks Emily.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah sniffs the air trying to identify the smell.

Emily: “No, not the smell.” Emily says, tilting her head towards the floor. “Didn’t you hear that?”

Margaret: “It is dirty in here, but the odor, seems…different.” Margaret looks at Emily. “I didn’t hear anything…” she quiets down, intending to hear whatever Emily had heard.

GM: You can’t hear anything. Perhaps she’s hearing things.

Emily: “It’s gone now…” Emily says. “But I heard something under the floor. A… bumping kind of sound. Very soft.”

GM: There is a door set into one of the walls, door hanging awkwardly on its aged hinges.

Margaret: Margaret notices the door. “Perhaps…we should go through there.”

Jeremiah: “Well, maybe we should take a look through the rest of the house, but let’s stay together. No sense in dropping through a floor or being eaten by the boogeyman alone.”

Emily: “The door was locked.” Emily things out loud. “So it’s not likely to have been someone snooping. Probably only an animal. Or… something along those lines. It might do to check it out to be sure, though.”

Emily checks the door that’s set into the wall, to see if she can tell where it leads.

GM: Presumably, to the back room; it looks like a regular (aged) interior door

Margaret: Margaret approaches the door and pushes it lightly.

GM: It takes a brief amout of work to open the door, the wood having warped slightly, and once you do open it doesn’t quite close. However, the first thing you notice is the back door, slightly ajar, a shaft of light coming through.

On the ceiling, however, one can dimly make out what looks like an entrance to the attic, and a narrow set of staircases lead down into the attic. The contents of the room, however, are not nearly as aged as the front room.

GM: In fact, it looks to have been recently occupied: the dust has been kicked up in places, there are a few footprints, and the embers of a fire smoulder in the brick fireplace. A ragged blanket sits before the fire, next to what looks to be a can.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah takes a look around the room to see what else there is.

Emily: “Perhaps there is an intruder after all…” Emily says, clutching her handbag a little tighter.

Margaret: “It appears something lives here”, Margaret remarks. “I wonder if that isn’t what we heard?”

Emily: “Perhaps we should find our way downstairs and check?” Emily says glancing warily around the room. “One of use could stay here, in case they return… or try to escape.”

GM: The stairway leads down to pitch blackness; no windows in a cellar

Margaret: “we cannot see down there to examine what be there. Should we venture to the attic, instead? Perhaps we will find some candles.”

Emily: Emily reaches into her bag, pulling out a thick, engraved black case. “I have a light, here.”

Margaret: “Let’s investigate the cellar, then. Assuming the light works.”

Emily: Emily pulls back the switch, pointing the hefty tube into the darkness below.

GM: The beam of light penetrates the darkness, illuminating the stairs and the dirt floor below.

Margaret: Margaret stands behind Emily, who is carrying the portable light.

Emily: “Well…” Emily says, hesitating. “Shall I lead, then? And… should someone remain behind to watch the attic hatch and the front door?”

Jeremiah: “Perhaps Jeremiah wouldn’t mind waiting behind? I will follow you, Emily.”

Emily: “Alright, thank you.” She smiles at Margaret, greatful for any companionship in that dark place. “Be careful, Jerimiah. Fredrick should be returning shortly if you need anything.”

GM: The steps creak as you make your way down them, lit by the unsteady light of the flashlight. As you reach the cool dirt , you glance about, the light darting about the dark room. There’s nothing of note really, just a bearded redhead with a chair leg lifted. Wait, what?!

Margaret: Margaret squints, not able to see very well. The only thing she can see clearly is the back of Emily’s head.

Emily: Emily gasps, stumbling backwards into Margaret

GM: The bearded man runs toward you two, letting out a staggered yell as he realizes that he’s been noticed. Reactions, you two, first.

GM: Emily’s reaction is to raise her arms and try to block/run away while screaming.

Margaret: Margaret gasps, and tries to gain a stance that will allow her to stay stable.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah is reacting slowly apparently and is heading towards the stairs.

GM: …but the man simply runs past the two, clambering up the stairs at a staggering run. Upon reaching the landing, he notices Jeremiah and turns to run to the door.

Emily: Emily trips backwards and falls in the dirt.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah blocks his path and prepares to tackle him.

Margaret: Margaret stands still, unsure of the strange man’s position.

GM: Oh, I actually missed that. Ahem

GM: Emily desperately waves the flashlight around the basement from her spot on the ground, searching for another underground horror.

Margaret: Margaret turns around and goes back up the stairs to see what is going on.

Emily: Emily scrambles hastily up after her, being alone in that basement something she currently finds very disagreaable.

GM: The two downstairs, having seen him run up the stairs, hear another shout followed by a loud, heavy thud followed by the sound of a door slamming.

The bearded man turns slightly toward Jeremiah as he runs toward him, swinging the chair leg. Jeremiah sees a bright flash of light, his head feeling slightly wet and throbbing reminiscent of a particularly bad dive.

Margaret: Margaret notices that Jeremiah is hurt. She runs to hi, to see if she can help.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah sits up groggily and feels his head.

Emily: Emily scrambles up the stairs with Margaret, glancing at the swinging back door. She hesitates, unsure if she should persue the man or leave him run.

Jeremiah: “Ugh, I don’t know what that was all about.”

GM: Taking his hand from the side of his head, Jeremiah feels the warm sticky wetness, the red on his hand confirming that this is not the result of a Good Night. The man, however, seems content to flee madly, the tableleg dropped just outside the door, him not looking back as he runs toward the treeline

Emily: “Hold on, I’m going to see if he’s still out there.” Emily says, heading out the back door and clumsily retreiving the gun from her purse.

GM: You can see him as he flees, stumbling briefly over an unseen root or hole

Margaret: Margaret, although busy patching Jeremiah up, notices the man running away. He seems to trip, but regains his balance and continues to run. “How are you feeling, Jeremiah?”

GM: Glancing toward the blanket, Margaret realizes it could with little work be used as improvisational bandages, and before long she’s done what she can.

Emily: Emily sighs, leaning against the wall of house and putting the gun back in her purse with a shaking hand.

Jeremiah: “Like my head was just slugged by a club.” Slowly Jeremiah makes his way to his feet.

GM: Emily watches as the man reaches the treeline… and vanishes within.

Margaret: “That was…strange, to say the least. I wonder what he was doing here, and why he reacted so violently.”

Jeremiah: “Perhaps we should check out the basement, minus the madman. Maybe there’s something down there to tell us who he was.”

Emily: Emily takes a few moments to collect her breath before returning to the house and closing the back door behind her. “Professor?” She asks as she approaches the room. “Is Jerimiah alright?”

Margaret: “Are you well enough to walk? You may have a concussion. Not that we can do much more than we have. Perhaps we should investigate.”

GM: The door shuts securely this time, and the lock helps ease your mind.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah shrugs. “I’ll be fine. I’ve taken worse, believe me. Let’s get going.”

Emily: Emily removes the light from her purse a second time, switching it on with a barely steady hand. “Should… we all head down this time?”

Margaret: “I believe it would be best if we went together.”

Jeremiah: “Maybe we should. Would you like me to hold the light?” He asks Emily.

Emily: “Ah…” Emily pauses for a moment. “Perhaps that would be best. Then I can… well, I can hold the uh… in case there’s anyone else.” She says, handing Jermiah the light and removing the firearm from her purse a second time.

GM: As the three make their way downstairs, they find the room to contain little of note. Footprints in the dirt, a scuff mark where Emily recently fell. The shelves around the room look to be mostly empty although a few hold jars.

The majority are empty or broken open but a few contain unrecognisable, presumably – hopefully – hold overs from when the house was occupied. In simpler times. As above, dust covers most everything. Thankfully, Emily’s aim isn’t tested.

Jeremiah: “Well, it seems like there’s nothing down here. Should we try upstairs then?”

Emily: “He must have only fled down here when he heard us coming.”

Margaret: Margaret takes a look around. “Indeed there seems to be nothing of note down here. Our time may be better spent exploring the attic.”

GM: The trapdoor in the ceiling takes some working to open, a ladder spilling out toward the floor. Who’s going up?

Margaret: Margaret looks up. "Should we all go?

Emily: “I don’t know.” Emily says. “It may be awfully crowded.”

Jeremiah: Jeremiah moves up the ladder towards the trapdoor. Carefully he aims the light up the stairs into the attic.

GM: The ceiling above looks much like you would expect, although the shingles are rather well intact for the age of the house.

Jeremiah: Putting his head up through the opening and looks around.

Margaret: Margaret moves to follow Jeremiah up the ladder, making sure to give him time to reach the top.

Emily: Emily lingers near the bottom, eyeing the basement stairs warily though she knows no one is there.

GM: All of the sudden, there is a sound. Trampling feet in the attic, loud and heavy, accompanied with a… sound. A sound that sounds alltogether like growling, but deeper. Something is living in the attic. Dodge, Jerry!

Jeremiah: Jeremiah let’s out a yelp and jumps off the ladder to the side so he doesn’t hit anyone.

Margaret: Margaret watches Jeremiah move quickly out of the way. She also hears a very large trampling. She had made it two rungs up the ladder, so she jumps off and moves quickly to the side.

GM: Turning his head toward the sound (and the flashlight) Jeremiah can see… nothing. He hears the sounds but there is nothing up here. However, he dodges, leaping to the side from the ladder, suffering 2 points of damage from the fall.

GM: Before those below can cope with that, the damndest thing happens: The ladder folds up and retracts itself into the cellar, the trapdoor slamming shut. And then the noises come.

Jeremiah: “Oh wow, what was that!”

Emily: “What…” Emily manages, twisting her head away from the basement to stare at the closed attic door.

GM: A heavy growling, snuffling, panting sound, intermixed with something that sounds like an alien, terrible, unGodly tongue.

Emily: “W…what…” Emily stutters, backing away from the attic’s door.

GM: The sounds continue for a few minutes before dwindling off to leave you three in, perhaps, cursed silence.

Margaret: “I…what was that? Jeremiah, are you hurt again?”

GM: When/If Jeremiah stands, his knee aches slightly, but doesn’t feels seriously wounded. It will bruise, most likely.

Jeremiah: “No, I’m not hurt. Just a bit startled. What is that thing?”

Emily: Emily swallows, staring at the tightly shut trap door. “That… that was… unsettling… I think… yes.”

Margaret: “Whatever it is, it sounds horrible. And unearthly.”

Emily: “Perhaps… Perhaps we should find some way to… seal that door? For now?”

Margaret: “We need to learn what it is. And what it is capable of. That man that escaped…if we could talk to him, perhaps we could learn something. However, he seems to have disappeared.”

Jeremiah: “Whatever is in there seems to be sealed in there already. Maybe it has something to do with those runes from the Journal. We should see if we can find them.”

Emily: “Alright…” Emily says, though still unsure. “Let’s… look through the rest of the house.”

Margaret: Margaret begins to examine the windows for anything out of the ordinary.

GM: It’s not easy going, with only the one flashlight amongst them, but it doesn’t take long to find symbols over each of the doors and windows. Including, you note, on the attic and cellar doors.

GM: Shadows still cling to the rooms heavily, with only minimal illumination making it through the shutters.

Margaret: “These look like the markings mentioned in Mr. Merriweather’s journal”, Margaret comments.

Emily: “The journal may have been more… accurate than it originally seemed.” Emily admits. “Did you truly see nothing in the attic, Jermiah?”

Jeremiah: “No, I only heard something rushing at me in the darkness.”

Margaret: “The journal appears to have been quite accurate, indeed. Perhaps it was accurate about other things, as well. I’m not one to be taken in by supernatural explanations, but so far the journal seems to be telling the truth.”

Margaret: "As I recall, Mr. Merriweather wanted us to banish this creature. He also stated we have everything that we need to do that. What could we possibly do that would “banish” this creature?" Margaret removes what she has been holding on to from the small box.

Emily: Emily sits on one of the dusty chairs, unworried about a bit of dust getting on her quite dirty backside. She begins to think, mostly allowed. “If Merriweather truly gave us everything we needed to ‘banish’ this… creature, if it is indeed a thing that can be banished, it must require one of the objects from the box. I would think the sarcophagus would be the most likely, but… there could always be something with the other pieces as well.”

Jeremiah: “Didn’t the journal say something about an object that was in the sarchophugus?”

Margaret: " It did.". Margaret takes the sarcophogus and opens it.

GM: It is still empty.

Emily: “It did, I believe it was implied the amber was consumed in the ritual.”

Emily looks up at the other two. “Perhaps we need another shard of amber to imprison it again? Merriweather made no mention of it, but it surely can’t be as simple as saying the chant backwards.”

Jeremiah: “Yes, but perhaps to banish the creature we need to figure out what the amber was, and how to reverse whatever they did to consume it.”

-1 Sanity from Jeremiah, Emily, and Margaret
-4 HP to Jeremy, from being hit with a chair leg; First Aid’d
-2 HP to Jeremy, from dodging a hellbeast in an attic

Episode 2
In which a library was visited.

GM: The Miskatonic University library is well-known for its collection of rare and unique texts. However, as a professor in the employ of the university, Margaret has had plenty of time to acclimate to the massive building. She is currently sitting at a desk by herself, several of her colleagues or other students present in the building hunched over books, deep in though, or scribbing their own notes. She is carrying the small metal box which houses the strange gifts of the now-comatose Mr. Merriweather: a golden sarcoghogus-shaped box, a black-leather bound journal, and an aged envelope.

Margaret: Margaret was quite overwhelmed by what had happened. She had gathered some books on ancient Egypt, but had managed little else. Her head still felt foggy.

GM: Her solitude is interupted, however, by the author who, presumably, makes his way to the table after arriving and noticing her.

Jeremiah: Having gathered several promising reference books and downing a quick dinner, Jeremiah set out to the University in his car. Arriving in good spirits he heads into the library.

Margaret: Margaret decides to take a closer look at the journal.

GM: The journal appears fairly nonthreatening; are you going to read in detail or skim? Have to look up the times on them both.

Jeremiah: Seeing Margaret engrossed in the journal, Jeremiah takes a seat and pulls out the sarcoghogus shaped box. He decides to try and translate the language using his reference materials and whatever the library may have.

Margaret: Margaret sees that Jeremiah has arrived. She notices that he has taken the sarcophogus. “I’ve gathered what our library has on ancient Egypt. I hope it can be somewhat helpful”.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah nods. “For the heiroglyphs, certainly. I’m not so sure about the inside language though. I’ve only heard of it, so I may need to do more research to translate that.”

GM: As Margaret begins to read the journal, she notes that the journal starts in June 1882; the first few entries are wholly uninteresting, as journals are sometimes wont to be. However, it’s not long before she reaches an intriguing entry.

GM: A group of friends playfully calling themselves the Dark Brotherhood held their first meeting in the early spring of 1881. Rupert Merriweather became the recording secretary. The members numbers six including Marion Allen, the founder and their nominal leader.

GM: The heiroglyphics, in their usual way, look like nothing more than squiggly lines to the Author. Presumably, he dives into the shelves to look for books to help translate, and soon comes back with a number of likely candidates.

Emily: Emily hurries into the library, unwrapping the white scarf around her neck and folding it hastily into her handbag. She spots Margaret and Jeremiah in the distance and rushes to settle in next to them, excusing her lateness and asking if the others have had time to uncover anything.

Margaret: Margaret notes that the journal belonged to Mr. Merriweather, some time ago. Or, at the very least, he had been responsible for it. She continued to read.

Emily: Emily looks in the box to see if there’s anything of interest for her to examine.

GM: There is the envelope, looking abandoned and neglected.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah begins to go through the books and begins the process of translating the outside of the box.

Emily: Emily takes the envelope from the box and holds it up to the light. “Do you mind?” She asks Margaret, assuming the professor was the closest to Mr. Merriweather.

GM: The envelope is heavier on one side: an inspection reveals the outline to look remarkably similar to a heavy key.

GM: Meanwhile, the professor finds another intriguing entry

GM: In June of 1881 they purchased an old farmhouse outside Ross’s Corners, a place where they could conduct their experiments in privacy. Representing themselves as a student literacy fraternity, they cleaned and furnished the place while Marion Allen carved special warding signs over the wooden doors and windows. At the time, the others were amused at such precautions.

Margaret: Margaret looks up to see the young woman standing near her. “Of course not”, she replies. " We can’t know what’s in it unless we open it." She realized this was stupid directly after saying it, but social situations were not her forte.

GM: Jeremiah, however, finds that translating Egypt is a headache in and of itself. He can (he assumes) identify some of the symbols, but they’re nothing coherant. Servant wisdom?

Emily: Emily carefully opens the aging envelope, attempting not to damge it unecessarily.

GM: Inside the yellowed envelope, she can see, indeed, a heavy iron key, along with a folded piece of thich paper looking equally aged as the envelope housing it.

Margaret: Margaret noted that the journal very likely contained information on some kind of secret society that Mr. Merriweather was part of. Intrigued, she read on.

Emily: “I should expect so.” Emily notes idly at the professor’s comment. “Who isn’t part of a secret society anymore?” She removes the key, setting it on the envelope and delicately unfolding the paper.

GM: After a cursory examination, Emily realizes that she’s holding a deed to a house located in Ross’s Corners, a small town just outside of Arkham. It’s not hard to guess the house may be related to the one noted in the journal.

GM: Diving ever-deeper into the manuscript, Margaret comes across the descriptions of several innocent attempts to contact the ‘spirit world’. Naturally, such things failed, but the details are amusing if nothing else.

GM: The Egyptian, an hour in, is looking even more confusing. What does Thoth have to do with servant wisdom?

….what the hell is servant wisdom?

Emily: Emily glances across the table at Jerimiah and his work, attempting to aid him.

Margaret: The journal was quickly becoming boring; it had started out so promising. Evidently mr. Merriweather had been part of a group that fancied themselves capable of contacting supernatural beings. She mentioned this to others, amused.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah continues to work through the reference books, occasionally getting up to look for another book that might help and getting help whenever he can.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah looked at Margaret, not nearly as amused as she was. “Do you not believe in the spirit world? Or dimensions beyond our time and space?”

Margaret: Margaret looks at Jeremiah. “Without evidence? Absolutely not. I’m a scientist. Provide me with proof, and I may yet change my mind”.

Jeremiah: “I’m afraid proof of that sort comes at a high price. Don’t worry though, I think our dear friend was into something deeper than we may want to know. You may get your proof whether you want it or not.”

GM: One of Margaret’s coworkers stops by, glancing askance to the other two. He is easily brushed off, however, and leaves offering to take Margaret out for coffee some night. Turning her attention back to the book, she soon comes upon another interesting entry.

GM: Dated Feb. 1882, it notes Marion Allen’s acquisition of an artifact, purportedly Egyptian, described as a small sarcophagus of gold with a hinged lid. Inside was a large piece of amber entrapping a specimen of some unknown species of arthropod. Allen is excited. The box corresponds to a description he found in an ordinary reference volume n the Miskatonic University library.

Margaret: Margaret gasps. She says to her companions: “the journal mentions the sarcophogus! And its contents!”

GM: The sarcophogus, you recall, was empty when you got it.

Emily: “What does it say?” Emily asks, leaning closer.

Jeremiah: Glancing at the entry Jeremiah asks, “Do you think the reference volume is still here? Does it say what the book was about?”

Margaret: “Apparently, the sarcophogus had contained an insect. I will need to continue reading to determine if the name of the book is there”.

GM: Wait a minute! It’s not servant wisdom at all! It’s seeker of wisdom. The servant is wholly unconnected to the wisdom. The sunlight outside is looking more inviting as the second hour of reading dawns.

Emily: “A… live insect?” Emily asks, double checking the sarcophogus. “Or… some maner of craft?”

Jeremiah: “It appears the creature was encassed in Amber. I don’t think it would be alive in that case, but I’m no expert in that field.”

Margaret: “Perhaps insect was an inappropriate term to use. But I agree with jeremiah, it would not have been alive.”

Margaret: “We need to find the book the journal mentions. Books aren’t often removed permanently from the library. I’m confident its still here, somewhere.”

Emily: “I can look.” Emily says, standing from the table. “You know the library better than I, is there anywhere particular I should begin?”

GM: Abandoning the Egyptian, Jeremiah heads into the stacks where, hopefully, less of a headache awaits.

Margaret: Margaret continued reading the journal. Jeremiah had gone to look for the reference book, and she hoped he found it. This was getting interesting.

GM: The journal, however, continues to drop more interesting tidbits:

GM: Allen says that in another book, a thick Latin tome titled De Vermiis Mysteriis, is an explanation of some purported powers of the box. The small animal trapped in the amber is said to contain a friendly spirit and guide to the spirit world.

GM: Returning from the stacks with arms full of new books (some of which are equally the size of two lesser such tomes), Jeremiah presumably sets about searchnig them for a mention of the sarcophogus.

Emily: After fruitless searching, Emily returns empty handed to the table and asks if anything else has been discovered.

Margaret: Margaret notes that another book is mentioned in the journal. She says to Emily, “A book titled De Vermiis Mysteriis” is also mentioned, and will supposedly give us more information on the box. There is a possibility that the library will have this book as well. I will go look for it."

Emily: “De Vermiis Mytriis?” Emily says with an almost palpable sigh of relief. “I should be able to translate it if the library has it.”

GM: The card catalouge shows that the library does, indeed, have a copy of De Vermiis Mysteriis… unfortunately, it is locked away in a rare book collection. To get access you need the personal permission, a one Dr. Henry Artimage.

GM: You do know him, yes. Not too personally, but you’ve spoken a few times.

Margaret: Margaret notices the book she needs is located in the library’s rare book collection. She needs special permission to get it, but she has met him before. She makes her way to the front and asks to speak to Mr. Armitage.

GM: Mr. Armitage is in his office on weekday mornings, when he’s not preoccupied with sorting and catalouging the constant new arrivals. The librarian on duty does offer to leave a message with him, if it’s important.

Margaret: Margaret becomes frustrated. She wants to access the book now, and finds the wait unacceptable.

GM: Emily is unsure if she’s met him before; she can remember a handful of professors and the dean, but not the Head Librarian.

Emily: Emily attempts to dicipher some more of the egyptian carvings.
andromedafire: Frustrated, Margaret asks that a message be left for Mr. Armitage, including her name and the volume she needs. She plans to return tomorrow to gather the book. She returns to the table and continues to read the journal.

GM: The librarian takes note, before Margaret return to the table judciously covered in enough books that occasional passerby give the three of you an amused look.

GM: Jeremiah finds reference books to be a dull read, but thankfully less of a headache than the Egyptian had been. The only golden sarcophogus he found so far was a box for a corpse, however.

GM: It takes Emily some time to orient herself with Jeremiah’s scribblings on the translation, but before much longer she is continuing the arduous work. Does that mean deliverer?

GM: The journal, after some more reading, gives a short entry:

GM: A date is set to conduct a ceremony intended to summon this spirit creature: a Satuday night in the middle of March.

GM: A solid three hours have passed in the library, many of those who were at work when you entered having left the building.

Margaret: “Interesting”, Margaret says. “They planned to summon the spirit creature that was contained in the sarcophagus. I wonder what came of that?”

Jeremiah: “Nothing good if what our friend told us earlier is any indication.”

Emily: “Nothing at all, I’d suspect.” Emily says, somewhat dully as she continous the laborous translation work.

GM: The book yields yet another entry , while Emily is still trying to discover how one can deliver people, and Jeremiah is still engross in another referance book filled with things that are seeming wholly more entertaining.

(( A link to Player Handout #1 was here))

andromedafire: “They did successfully summon something, although it is not what they anticipated”, Margaret told the group, “From what I can tell, what was summoned was violent. And may still be at that house.”

Jeremiah: Reading through the passage a second time Jeremiah shivered. “It was a dangerous and foolish game they played.”

Emily: “This seems…” Emily paused, attempting to choose one of a multitude of words that came to mind. “…suspicious.”

Jeremiah: “Are you still not convinced? We have the key to the house, first hand knowledge is always best…”

Margaret: “It does seem suspicious. I would like to check it out, if you are willing to come with me. If I recall correctly, we have a key.”

Jeremiah: “Are you willing to go at night?”

Margaret: “I am”.

Emily: “It seems rather like a prank.” Emily says, eyeing the key. “If Merriweather truly believed he had summoned some manner of demon, why would he ask us to banish it instead of a clergyman?”

Jeremiah: "It never said they summoned a demon. The spirit world is vast, greater by far than our own, if some texts can be believed. That creature could be anything.

Margaret: “We should investigate. I have my doubts, but at the very least it will make for a good adventure.”

Emily: “May I?” Emily asks the professor, sliding the journal across the table before her.

Jeremiah: “I think it is worth going to the house, however, I think we should finish looking through the journal and these translations first.”

Margaret: “I agree with Jeremiah. Let’s finish what we have here.”

Emily: Emily begins reading the journal, roughly where she believes the professor left off.
GM: The next handful of entries all have a similarity. They list a name of one of the Dark Brotherhood, followed by the date of their deaths. The handwriting is the same, but the inks vary:

Robert Menkin, March 1882
Harold Coplet, August 1882
Marion Allen, August 1883
Crawford Harris, January 1915
Cecil Jones, March 1924,
Rupert Merriweather

GM: Beside the entry for Marion Allen’s death is a newspaper clipping, carefully pasted into the journal:

Margaret: “What a horrible way to die”, Margaret said. She feels slightly ill. “His tongue was cut out? What is the significance of that?”

Emily: Emily frowns, a sense of unease growing in the pit of her stomach. “That… is concerning.”

Jeremiah: “I don’t know, but if he was being followed, someone, or something, else is involved. I wonder if the artifact is our little box here.”

GM: Following those entries, there is only one final entry in the journal.

(( Player’s Handout #3 ))

Margaret: “This is…interesting. If I read this right, with Mr. Merriweather’s death, the creature they supposedly summoned will be able to leave the house.”.

Emily: “I will admit, this is certainly… intriguing.” Emily says. “Although it would seem we have more to fear from men than summoned ghosts, if Marion’s death is any indication. There may be real danger involved in this.”

GM: Before you can decide if you’re to continue your studies, the librarian comes over toward your table. “I’m afraid the library is closing,” he says, glancing curiously toward the books on the table left open, before looking back up to Jeremiah. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave.”

Emily: “We’d like to check out a few books, if there’s time.” Emily says, smiling at the librarian.

Jeremiah: Jeremiah gathers up the most useful of the volumes and gets them checked out. “I’ll put these in my car and we can finish translating later.”

GM: “Only students and faculty are able to check out books,” the Librarian says, placing a hand on the books.

Jeremiah: “Are we going to the house now? Or in the morning, it wouldn’t do to keep you out late.”

Margaret: “I would like to check out these books, please.” Margaret shows her faculty identification card.

GM: “All of these?” The librarian takes the card, glancing pointedly toward the literal pile of books on the table.

Margaret: “Yes, all of them. I’m beginning a new research project, if you must know the details.”

GM: “On…” he picks up a book. “Ancient Egyptial symbology?” A quirked eyebrow toward her, bemused.

Margaret: “Yes. Its a different sort of project, more history based. Psychology is not a new science, you know. It has always been around, in one form or another.”

GM: He continues smirking for a moment before shaking his head. “Whatever you say, doll.” He begins to gather some of the books up. “You can’t check out the referance books, as I am sure you are aware.”

GM: Eventually you three find your way outside (glad to see you waited for him to be sure to remember you before pulling it) burdened by the plethora of books.

Episode 1
In which not much at all happened.

Because I forgot to save a log, summation is as follows:

  • Characters met each-other, talked
  • Characters met Mr. Merriweather.
  • Mr. Merriweather told them about summoning a monster, asked them to take care of.
  • Mr. Merriweather went into coma, giving them a box.
  • Characters looked in box, found Golden Sarcophogus Box. Looked at Golden Sarcophogus Box, decided to convene at the Miskatonic U.’s library.

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