Rupert's Journal

The Journal of Late Mr. Merriweather


A small journal, bound in plain back leather, the entries within date from June 1881 to 1882. The ink is faded with time, but takes no English check to read.

If you read this, inform me. If not, read no further.


Contained within the journal are a number of entries dating from June 1881 to March 1882.

  • A group of friends playfully calling themselves the Dark Brotherhood held their first meeting in the early spring of 1881. Rupert Merriweather became the recording secretary. The members numbers six including Marion Allen, the founder and their nominal leader.
  • In June of 1881 they purchased an old farmhouse outside Ross’s Corners, a place where they could conduct their experiments in privacy. Representing themselves as a student literacy fraternity, they cleaned and furnished the place while Marion Allen carved special warding signs over the wooden doors and windows. At the time, the others were amused at such precautions.
  • A series of experiments, innocent and apparently ineffective attempts to contact the spirit world, are then detailed.
  • An entry dated February of 1882 notes Marion Allen’s acquisition of an artifact, purportedly Egyptian, described as a small sarcophagus of gold with a hinged lid. Inside was a large piece of amber entrapping a specimen of some unknown species of arthropod. Allen is excited. The box corresponds to a description he found in an ordinary reference volume n the Miskatonic University library.
  • Allen says that in another book, a thick Latin tome titled De Vermiis Mysteriis, is an explanation of some purported powers of the box. The small animal trapped in the amber is said to contain a friendly spirit and guide to the spirit world.
  • A date is set to conduct a ceremony intended to summon this spirit creature: a Satuday night in the middle of March.
  • Player’s Aid #1 for the Investigator reading the book.
  • The next entries are the names of those belonging to the Dark Brotherhood, followed by a date. They are all in the same ink, but various inks.

    Robert Menkin, March 1882

    Harold Coplet, August 1882

    Marion Allen, August 1882

    Crawford Harris, January 1915

    Cecil Jones, March 1924

    Rupert Merriweather, —

  • A small newspaper clipping is pasted next to the entry marking Marion Allen’s death. Player’s Aid #2.
  • Player’s Aid #3, written in a weaker hand, the ink quite fresh.

Rupert's Journal

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